Always looking to be challenge myself and improve my health.


How I began my fitness journey...

I'm a fitness professional from Chicago. Since I was very young, I loved all sports, exercise, and food. I studied exercise science at Loyola University of Chicago and graduated in 2017. I am currently a Certified Personal trainer as well as a group fitness instructor. One thing that really drew me to study exercise science was learning about the extensive connection between the brain and exercise. Exercise can be used to treat depression, increase attention, increase energy levels, sharpen focus, etc. you just can't go wrong. I'm here to try to help YOU learn about all things fitness to improve your own health, both mental and physical.

I strive to motivate people to get into this lifestyle!

Control is key

I always switch things up, and I love introducing new exercises to keep the muscles guessing what's next, but also to keep the mind sharp. My biggest focus is on form, stability, and control. They are most important for preventing injury, but they also make for the most difficult exercises. The intensity and weights depend on the person's goal. My goal is always to improve overall health, increase energy, focus, strength, and endurance in a healthy, reasonable way.

Training Philosophy

How I became a trainer

Striving to promote a healthy lifestyle, I started to research on my own the different ways you could improve your physical, mental, and emotional health. 

I began to study the science behind the human body in motion, and I implemented all of the information I learned in my own workouts, helping my friends and family apply the knowledge in their own lives as well.

I have passed a Personal Fitness Trainer Certification and started teaching people about the extensive benefits to exercise, and the different paths each person can take to achieve their personal fitness goals. 

Why my clients succeed

I love connecting with my clients on both a professional and personal level. I'm a big believer in providing my clients with all the information for not only what they should do, but the science that supports the fitness plan I provide each client with. Regular communication, accountability, the variety of the exercise, and the knowledge helps my clients most easily achieve their goals. Developing strong, genuine friendships is key for our health! :)